LIST OF KA1 COURSES 2017-18-19

28.10.2015 11:01


If you have an awarded fund or your course has been cancelled with another instituion, please do not hesitate to contact CERVANTES TRAINING, in MADRID- SPAIN. We are willing to host you for any of our courses on Coaching, Digital Classroom, collaborative work and for the internationalisation of your instituion. 
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We will be pleased to help in the elaboration of project proposal in Erasmus + KA1 individual staff mobility to attend our courses in Madrid. Spain 2017-18-19


Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving BOOK NOW


2017: 4-10 March/20-26 May

2018: 3-9 March / 19-25 May

2019: 2-8 March/ 6-12 April

Venue: Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.


Let´s make our school more international: European Project Planning,

Design, Management and Funding under Erasmus+ BOOK NOW


2017 22-28 July- other dates upon request

2018 21-27 July

2019 20-26 July

Venue: Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.


Creativity in Teaching and Learning using ICT: The Digital Classroom BOOK NOW


2017: 18-24 March / 6-12 May / 22-28 July/25 Nov-1 Dec

2018: 14-20 April/ 5-11 May/ 21-27 July/24-30 Nov

2019: 16-22 March/ 4-10 May/20-26 July/23-29 Nov

Venue: Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain


Innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning BOOK NOW


2017: 4-10 March/20-26 May

2018: 3-9 March / 7-13 April/ 19-25 May

2019: 2-8 March/ 6-12 April

Venue:Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.


Coaching for disadvantaged backgrounds (refugees-asylum seekers), interculturality, tolerance and diversity in the classroom 


2018      7-13 April/ 5-11 May

2019:    16-22 March/ 4-10 May  

 Venue: Alcalá de Henares.Madrid.Spain.

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All our training can be funded by Key Action 1 of Erasmus +

Course fee for all our courses:
490 Euros (7-day training)

We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from
Monday to Friday (350

Course fee includes: Registration Fees and tuition for the course -7 days-, Course Material- before and after the course, dossier with information material about Alcalá de Henares, City Guided Tour and entrance to The Cervantes Birthplace Museum, Certificate of Attendance with learning outcomes and Europass (Europass is issued upon request).